About the Company


Krakowski Holding Komunalny S.A. is a sole-shareholder company of the Commune of Krakow. Its establishment was based on the concept of tax activity of the capital group (PGK) of Krakow municipal companies, which was developed on the initiative of the Council and the Management Board of the City of Krakow. KHK SA was established on the basis of Resolution No. LV/488/96 of the City Council of Krakow dated 10 July 1996 and registered by the Registry Court on 8 August 1996.

The co-operation of the largest municipal companies within the tax group, apart from the expected financial effect, seeks to further improve organization and management in the area of ​​Krakow's communal economy and, consequently, contributes to increasing the reliability and quality of services provided to the inhabitants of Krakow.

On the basis of the Resolution of the City Council of 5 November 2008 (Resolution No. LVI/710/08) Krakowski Holding Komunalny S.A. was entrusted with preparation of the project, construction and operation of the Thermal Waste Treatment Plant (TWTP) in Krakow (Eco-incinerator). The plant was commissioned in 2016.

The purpose of the operation of the TWTP in Krakow is the environmentally safe conversion of municipal waste from Krakow and the production of electricity and heat in this process. The operation of the Eco-incinerator remains in full compliance with EU and Polish law, particularly with regard to the recovery of raw materials and the reuse of waste as a source of energy, environmentally safe disposal of waste, reduction of the volume deposited in municipal waste landfills and reduction of biodegradable waste directed to a landfill thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Krakow Eco-incinerator will process 220,000 tonnes of waste annually. Thermal conversion of waste is much cheaper than its storage.

The TWTP also conducts an educational campaign to raise awareness among residents and promote the idea of ​​selective waste collection and thermal conversion.