Pursuant to the decision made by the City Council of Krakow (Resolution No. LVI 710/08 of 5 November 2008) Krakowski Holding Komunalny S.A. (KHK S.A.) was entrusted with the designing, constructing and operating the Thermal Waste Treatment Plant (TWTP) in Krakow. KHK S.A. was responsible for consulting local residents, publicity and educational activities, for determining the location of the plant, developing the preliminary conceptual and architectural design, and procuring the construction site.

On 21st June 2010, KHK S.A. obtained the Environmental Approval of the Project, and on 6th October 2010, the first decision was made on the location of the public infrastructure project for TWTP in Krakow. However, the Provincial Administrative Court repealed this decision. KHK S.A. appealed again for the decision on the location of the public infrastructure investment project (ULICP). On 26th June 2012, the decision was made regarding the TWTP, and on 2nd October a permission was granted for the heating network.

On 29th June 2010, KHK S.A. submitted a request to the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFEP&WM) for financial support from the Cohesion Fund. The request was granted in formal and technical terms as part of the 1st and 2nd assessment made by Task Force experts appointed by the Intermediate Body (Ministry of the Environment). These efforts made it possible to sign the financial support agreement with the NFEP&WM  on 20th April 2011.

KHK S.A. signed an investment loan agreement with the NFEP&WM for PLN 298 million.

The application and feasibility study were evaluated by Jaspers experts. On 21st June 2011, the Action Completion Note was issued. On 9th September 2011, the application for the Krakow plant, which was the first among several incineration plant projects to be considered, was submitted to the European Commission for Assessment.

On 5th November 2010, the results of the competition for the development of an urban infrastructure plan and architectural design for the TWTP were announced .The competition, organized and co-financed by KHK S.A. and NFEP&WM, was held in cooperation with the Polish Architects Association in Krakow and Professor Andrzej Wyżykowski, Chief Architect of the City of Krakow. The competition was won by a design created by Manufaktura nr 1, a team from Wroclaw. The TWTP design won in the Polish Architecture XXL "Most Promising Projects Created in 2010" category.

The Project Implementation Unit (PIU), which is a part of the structure of the KHK S.A., and the Representative for the Project Implementation appointed by the company were responsible for the correct and timely implementation of the Project. Due to the professionalism and commitment of KHK S.A. employees, it was possible to complete this pioneering undertaking within just two years. The project covered six contracts: the construction of the TWTP, project publicity, environmental education, construction supervision by technical project for PIU, and the purchase of containers for separate collection of waste. These extensive efforts made it possible for the City to upgrade its waste processing facilities and to increase environmental awareness among its residents. An educational pathway, which is an integral part of the TWTP facility, ensures that these efforts will be followed-up.

The Thermal Waste Treatment Plant was inaugurated on 3 December 2015. Thus the last stage of the investment was initiated, i.e. final testing.

The initial phase of this stage included verifying the equipment and assemblies for correct assembly, component application and predicted performance. In the period between 19 February and 26 April 2016 the plant was in the process of  8-week contract tests, during which it operated at maximum efficiency and under heavy load. After this period the plant was completely shut-down for inspection.

On 12 May 2016, the installation was restarted, during which the Technical Supervision Office conducted safety tests. All trials ended with the issuance of the TSU certificate.

On 23 May 2016, the Assembly of the Małopolska Province passed a resolution granting TWTP Krakow the status of the Regional Waste Disposal Plant (RWDP).